Tesla really delivering the Model X!

A small confession: Tesla is my unfulfilled dream car. The car I wish to have when I grow-up and can afford myself. Or when the car itself becomes affordable (Model 3?). As such, I monitor the developments and rumors around Tesla all the time.

At the end of 2015 it was the first time I read that Tesla started to ship the Model-X to customer but they are doing that very slowly and experiencing some mechanical issues that they try to solve on-the-fly. For me it was more of a rumor as I am from the east coast and I have yet to see in my own eyes such car in action on the road.

Well today it changed. Today, walking down the streets of Boston I saw for the first time a Tesla Model-X car driving and then parking just like any other regular car.

tesla model-x

And it was with the falcon-wing doors open! Awesome!