Outlook on Mac is slow again :(

A new rev of Outlook is out. I used the auto-update option and always just update the environment when something new is available.

This time it is Outlook Version 15.18. It has couple of new features and the performance of Outlook on my OS X El Capitan Macbook Air is horrendous once again. This is a recurring issue.

They will probably find a fix within few weeks and push another update. It happened before. But for now, Outlook on OS X is almost unusable. Every preview of email takes for ages and you see the OSX Spinning Wait Cursor. You want to open an appointment on the calendar. Same thing happens. It takes time.

Continue to be a disappointing experience to the point i am considering to stop updating Outlook automatically and switch to a once in a year update




Document Instpector on Mac?

I read today a blog entry regarding the hidden information in Office document and what can be done about it (Do You Know What’s Hiding in Your Documents?).

From a personal experience, especially in business negotiation and contracts, it is kind of surprising to see what can be extracted out of a seemingly clean Word document that the author did not really planned to exposed.

Microsoft has a built-in tool to clean all of that called “Document Inspector”. The tool look easy to use and similar functionality is available for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

But I was not able to find the tool or the menu option on my Mac… A google search reveal that this capability is simply not there. I’ve seen multiple discussions about this, like this one – Using document inspector to find personally identifiable information.

As a user of a Mac I find these missing capabilities as a real annoyance. I just hope that Microsoft will take that to heart and start to complete these items…

Outlook for Mac missing support for dual time zones

One of the things one discovers when moving from Windows to Mac and still using the Microsoft Office package is that the Windows and Mac packages look similar but they are for sure not the same. There are number of small features here and there throughout the package that are missing on the Mac.

Outlook Calendar support for dual time zone is one of these examples.

The Outlook Calendar on Windows can support two timezone (see here how to set it up). It is very useful feature and has been available on Windows for many years. When enables the Calendar shows on the left side a dual hour stripe instead of the single timezone that is enabled by default. Not a huge thing but still it is a very convenient feature. For me it is important as I am located in the US but working closely with a team in India. Every time i setup a meeting it is very useful to remind myself what is the time for the people on the other side of the line.

When i switched to Mac and installed Outlook 2011 for the Mac i was surprised to find out that dual timezones is not supported on the Mac. Doing some searches it was confirmed that this is indeed missing feature (see here for example of discussions on this).

Last week i did the upgrade to the new rev of Outlook that is called “Outlook for Mac for Office365”. It is positioned as an equivalent to Outlook for Windows 2013. One of the things i was hoping to get from the upgrade was more consistent feature parity between Office for Windows and Office for Mac. And specifically the much needed, dual time zone support. But it is not there. At least as of November 2014 this is a missing feature.

There are other questions regarding the upgrade such as in what way it is connected to Office365 (as my company is using Exchange installed on-premises) but that is a point for another post.