Windows 10 puts biometric security front and center

“Windows Hello” new feature in Windows 10: This trend of devices with built-in biometric authentication can really be the end of most (but not all) passwords. They are simpler to use and provide stronger authentication. Win-Win at it best.

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The future of travel, mobile payments, system authentication, and even safe driving could have confidence biometric technology

Windows 10 will provide a leap in biometric capabilities for the PC, built right into the operating system (in what Microsoft calls Windows Hello) and supported through Active Directory authentication. You’ll able to access your Windows devices — compatible ones, that is — using your face, iris, or finger.

We’ve already seen Apple using fingerprint scanning in recent iOS devices, and the Android platform has supported facial recognition, finger-drawn patterns, and (on recent Samsung devices) fingerprint scanning for the last couple years. But despite dalliances with fingerprint readers in laptops a decade ago, biometric security has not been common in computers.

Touted because the way forward for secure device and application access, identification provides far better security than a watchword written on a sticky note and shoved underneath your keyboard. advanced passwords…

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