How to clean Excel Cells from extra blanks

Simple problem: Importing external data to Excel Cell with values that include extra spaces either at the front or at the back of the values. I.e. Instead of having values like “My Value” the actual value is ”   My Value   “.

So how do we normalize the values?

Excel provides a function called Trim for this purpose exactly, the function receives a single value and returns the value with spaces trimmed on the left and right side of the value, while spaces in the middle of the string remain untouched.

Example Result
Trim ("   My Value") “My Value”
Trim ("My Value   ") “My Value”
Trim ("   My Value   ") “My Value”

See the Microsoft documentation about the Trim function here.

In addition there are function to remove spaces only at the front or only at the back of the value, see LTrim, RTrim, and Trim Functions.


Author: dave

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