Excel User Defined Function With Optional Parameters

In a previous post (long time ago) we talked about creating a simple user defined function (UDF) called Half:

Function Half(value)
Half = value / 2
End Function

In this post I would like to talk about UDF that accepts optional arguments.

Here is a simple example for that case. Requirement to build a function named “Div”:

  • The function accepts as one argument named “Value”.
  • The function also accepts a second argument named “divideBy”.
  • As you can guess, “Div” calculates a division of “Value” by “divideBy”.
  • But “divideBy” is optional. If “divideBy” is not present then the function assumes a constant value of 1. I.e. Divide “Value” by 1.

To meet these requirements we need two things:

The first thing we will need is the ability to define an argument as optional: VBA provides a simple way to declare arguments as optional by simply prefixing the argument with the text “Optional”.

The second thing we will need is the ability to know if a given argument is present or not: For that VBA provides another very simple function named “IsMissing”. The function accepts an argument and returns a boolean. Value of “True” means that the argument is not present.

With that we have everything we need to write the function Div:

2015 VBA user defined function with optional parameters

Very simple indeed! Give it a try!

Also read some of the additional information at:

IsMissing Function


Author: dave

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2 thoughts on “Excel User Defined Function With Optional Parameters”

  1. I’m not sure if my question fits in here: cell A1 accepts temperature in deg C, B1 accepts temperature in deg F.

    B1 shows the deg F temperature when deg C value is entered in cell A1.

    A1 shows the deg C temperature when deg F value is entered in cell B1.

    That is good for as long as the operation is in the same direction, but the formula being over-written by the input value (deg C or deg F), it won’t work if it is attempted in the other direction.

    I want to keep it working either way around without re-entering the formula after every direction change, i.e. the conversion must be kept working.

    Hope you can help



    1. It is an interesting challenge. As far as I can tell, using simple Excel expressions one can not create such calculation as it creates bi-directional dependency…however, not all hope is lost, by writing some VBA macro and event handler this is possible. Please read the following post http://wp.me/pW1Iy-p9

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