Week 3: When an (Insured) iPhone is stolen

Well as you may remember from previous posts our iPhone 6 was stolen about three weeks ago. We have an AT&T insurance and we made a claim. For the time being nothing is happening. The weeks go by and here is still no new iPhone to be found. This is starting to be really annoying…

The web site of both the insurance company and AT&T is not providing a lot of information. Still notifying us that the claim was accepted but nothing much beyond that. After numerous phone calls we finally got a verbal promise that the device will be shipped next week. Another update we got is that somehow the bill for the deductible is now over $300 not $200 as was communicated before. We are not sure about the details of why and how but let’s get the phone first.

I’ll provide more updates once an iPhone will arrive mu house safe and sound.


Author: dave

Consider myself kid in soul and naive by choice. I am interested in people, technology and business and thrive when they all work together. My favorite quote and motto is that “You can fool some people some times but you cant fool all the people all the time” ― Bob Marley

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