Excel 2013 New Functions

Excel is a mature product and the ability to use an expression language to calculate cell values in real time using a rich collection of functions is available for many years. Tens of millions of users are relaying on these functions for all sorts of applications and it is one of the well-known secrets of its success.

It is perhaps surprising that Microsoft continues to enhance the list of functions available in each release and Excel 2013 is no exception. It includes exactly 50 new functions. For a list of all new functions please see the following:


Some of these new functions are very specific for particular audiences but there is at least one area that is a welcome new addition that overtime will surely become very useful. That is the area of using WebService calls to get additional information from external sources. The new functions include ENCODEURL, WEBSERVICE and FILTERXML to prepare, call and analyze the result of a WebService call. From an initial review it looks like a good start but probably will require additional improvement to better fit some of the modern API approaches. Few of my top wish list includes ability to make none GET based RESTful calls, sending large requests greater than 2048 bytes long and ability to extract values from JSON responses.

Excel 2013 complete list of functions by category:


If you have an older version of Excel please make sure to use the appropriate list of functions available for your version of Excel.

Excel 2010 complete list of functions by category:


Excel 2003 complete list of functions by category:



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